A Visit To The Past

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Library Reading Room


How it all began…In 1909 a Library Reading Room was located in the old Racket Store on Main Street

Carnegie Grant

On April 6, 1911, (Pierce County Call) L.P. Tonner, Secretary of Pierce Library Board received word that upon his request on behalf of Pierce, NE, that Andrew Carnegie would grant $4,000 upon approval of the specificaitons for construction, which required the City of Pierce to obtain, furnish and maintain an approved site for a Free Public Library.

Locations Offered

On April 13, 1911, (PCC) Three possible locations were offered to the Library Board: (1) Billerbeck quarter-block south of Court House Square, (2) A. O. Schramm offered the old Radeke property on west Main Street for $800, (3) Wm. Bechter lot west of Schramm property for $1,000.

Library Site Given

On April 17, 1911, (PCC) Capt. J.H. Brown gives Library site. A.L Brande had written Capt. J.H. Brown for a donation for the Library. Capt. J.H. Brown offered lots next to Wilson’s on Lucas Avenue as his donation.

Site Accepted

On April 20, 1911, Library Board accepted Brown’s donation of lots.

Plans Requested

On April 24, 1911, Library Board contacted Fall River Co., architects, of Hot Springs, SD, to prepare plans and specifications for construction for approval of Carniegie organization. Plans were for a building similar to the Library at Albion, NE. Architect thought such a Library in Pierce could be ready for occupancy in September 1911.

Resolution Passed

On May 1, 1911, City Council of Pierce passed a resolution to appropriate $400 annually for maintenance of the Library, as requested by Carnegie organization.

Lot Deeded

On May 4, 1911, James H. Brown and Kate W. Brown, husband and wife, of Alameda County, CA, deeded for $1 to “The Pierce Public Library Board” the South 104 feet of the East 100 feet of Lots 7 and 8, block 19. Said described property “to be used for library purposes.”

Building Contract Awarded

On July 15, 1911, the Library Board awarded a contract to Wm. M. Pruden of Randolph, NE, to construct the Pierce Library for $5,290.

Building Plans Approved

On August 19, 1911, Library Board received notice of approval of plans by the Carnigie organization. A $4,000 grant was received.

Excavation Begins

On August 21, 1911, Contractor Wm. M. Pruden of Randolph, NE, began excavation of basement, in the afternoon.

Lot Title Received

On October 11, 1924, “Pierce Public Library” received title of the North 20 feet of Lots 7 and 8, Block 19.

Carnegie Emptied


The Carnegie Library was emptied out on September 19, 2002, by volunteers and also the children from the local schools. We were able to make a human chain and move the books out of the building.

Building Moved

The building was moved in October 2002 to its new location; where the old high school used to be.

Lied Pierce Public Library Opens

Construction is finished!

Past & Present Directors

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Ella Andrew
Belle O. Cate
Ella Andrew
Halma Mastalir
Margaret Turek
Bernice Luebe
Joan May
Marlene Warneke
Kathy Bretschneider
Dawn Tucker