Circulation Policy, Reserves & Fines

Circulation Policy

Patrons of the Library may borrow books and audiobooks for two weeks at one time and renew those items for two more times; unless the item is on the Reserve List. At that time it can only be renewed one time. There is a limit of 10 items to be checked out from one patron at a time; this does NOT include movies. Once the limit is reached, items must be returned before any new items can be checked out. The Library Staff can override this policy if the patron is in good standing.

Patrons may check out three movies per family/household. They will be checked out for a period of three days. The movies may be renewed once; unless they are on the Reserved List.

Magazines may be checked out for one week. No renewals are allowed for weekly subscriptions. This is due to the timeliness and high demand for those magazines. All other magazines may be renewed.

Wilton cake pans may be checked out for two weeks. There are instructional sheets available for some of the pans. The patron may have to request the instructional sheet because they are housed away from the cake pans. There is a $1.00 charge to check out the cake pans

Reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and atlases may not be checked out. Photocopying is available at the regular charge of 10 cents per page on the Sharp copier or 25 cents for b/w or 50 cents color on the Toshiba. Homework is five pages free and the appropriate charges after that. For patrons who abuse the “free” homework pages; they will lose their free pages or be reduced to one free page/day.


Any item that can be checked out can be put on the Reserve List. There is no charge for this service. Staff will phone the patron when the item is available. It will be held for three days, if it isn’t picked up by that time it will be reshelved.


Overdue charges are 5 cents a day for books, audiobooks, cake pans, magazines and paperbacks. Videos are $.25 per video per day.

Notices will be sent out when materials are at least two weeks overdue. A postcard or phone call will be the first notice. Second notice will be a letter explaining the items that are due and what the replacement cost would be. If there is a need for a third notice, it will be a notice of loss of privileges.

Lost items are subject to replacement cost and damaged items will be charged according to the usability of the item upon return.