Special Collection

The Library keeps special collections of books that invite particular interests or serve special needs. One of these collections; is the Large Print. This collection is made up of books, mostly, but the library does offer one large print magazine – Reader’s Digest – and hopes to add at least one other in the near future.

A second collection is the Inspirational Fiction section. These are books, which, though fictional, offer insights into daily living and personal development. They may contain references to religious belief among their characters. Care of these books involves maintaining series that follow characters to a particular climax. The library tries to purchase the whole series, when possible.

A third collection is the Western Fiction. Some of the favorite authors are Louis L’Amour, Zane Gray, Elmer Kelton to name a few. They are found in both paperbacks and hardbound books. Many different authors are represented. Some of the older works have been preserved due to local interest or the fact they are part of the Accelerated Reading list used by the local public school system.

Another collection is the Oprah Book Club. Many patrons request these books after they are put on Oprah’s reading list. They are located within the other collections by a special marking so they are easily located.