Reference Services

Reference Services

The Library offers many kinds of references. The usual dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri and atlases are available for in-house use. We do have CD’s available on the following items: how to write a term paper, SAT & ACT practice test.

On-line databases, such as NebraskAcess are available through the Nebraska Library Commission at no cost to the patron. NetLibrary, a service that provides complete test books on-line is also available. The patron may have to ask for any passwords.

For Genealogists, the Library houses microfilm on the Pierce County Leader and the Pierce County Call newspapers as far back as 1877 (Call) and 1892 (Leader). A roll of microfilm, which includes the church records for St. John’s Lutheran Church in Pierce, is available. We also have area cemetery records, abstract books from a retired Pierce abstractor and file boxes with original families and their descendants, as well as boxes which index the old newspapers for births, deaths, marriages, etc. The Library has a microfilm printer/reader available for patrons to use. Photocopying charges are 25 cents per page.

These items are also digitalized so they are accessible by keyword searches.
The Library sponsors a Genealogy Help Group, which meets every other month. (February, April, June, August, October, December) This group will assist individuals with their research and work on indexing the old papers. A donation is requested when any research is done for patrons.

Staff will assist anyone with a research question in any way we can. Advice on where to look or how to search is available. As well as, several notebooks which contain helpful information for patrons.

Online Resources

All resources listed on on this page can be accessed at the library or from your home computer. Some can be accessed from your mobile phone using an app.

Note: NebraskAccess databases can be accessed from your home computer using one of the following:

· Nebraska driver’s license
· State ID number
· or password given by the library