Budget & Finance Policy

Budget & Finance Policy

The Lied Pierce Public Library has a board-approved written budget. This budget is developed annually as a cooperative process between the City Administrator, Director and Board of Trustees. Each year the committee discusses to either increase/decrease the budget according to the prior year’s expenses.

The Library spends approximately 15% of its operating budget on materials for patrons. Materials include books, audio visual materials, periodicals, fees for online databases, and any other item deemed relevant to our patrons such as cakepans.

On a monthly basis the Director presents written reports on library operations to the Board and City Council. These reports include areas such as: finance, library usage, matters of personnel, collection development, and programming in addition to any other relevant information. The bills are paid by the City Clerk.

The library maintains adequate records of library operations in a manner easily understood by the public as well as the Board. This record keeping clearly indicates the current position of each budgetary line item.

On an annual basis, all library funds, expenditures and revenues will be audited as part of the City’s audit. All communication with the auditor will be communicated with the Board.

Monies received as revenue by the Library will be submitted to the City as general revenue and deposited to the Library account. This pertains to copies, postage, fines, and replacement cost of damaged items, etc.

Withdrawn library materials will be placed on the sale rack or recycled. All items on the sale rack are donations only; no set prices. Disposal of equipment will be approved by the Library Board and the monies will be submitted to the City.

Funds donated to the Library may be allocated according to the wishes of the donor. If there is no mention how to use the monies; then it is the discretion of the Director and Board.

Grant funds will be used in accordance with the requirements for receiving the funds unless no specific commitment was required. In such case the expenditure of these funds will be decided by the Director and/or the Board.