Local History Policy

Local History Policy

Objective for the local history collection

To collect and preserve a collection of documents and other materials relating to the history of Pierce and surrounding area.

Criteria for selection

Geographical coverage – The library will collect material pertaining to the history of Pierce and surrounding area as it relates to Pierce.

Time – Material will be collected dating from the earliest period possible to the present.

Subject fields – All subject fields pertaining to local history and genealogy will be collected.

Format – Materials collected will be print or non-print and may include photographs, slides, videos or other media.


The Library will accept the loan of appropriate material for the purposes of obtaining copies to be added to the collection and for exhibits, with permission of the owner.

Responsibility for the collection

Volunteers or staff, under the supervision of the Director, and with the assistance of the Local Genealogy Committee, will be responsible for collecting, organizing and filing material for the local history collection.

Patron use

Local history materials may be used in the library only, and will not circulate. Loans of the material for display or similar purpose will be made only with the approval of the Director library staff in charge of the library, and will require documentation.