Board and Personnel Policy

Board and Personnel Policy

All library staff members are considered employees of the City of Pierce and thus fall under the regulations set forth in the City of Pierce, Nebraska Personnel Manual. This manual should be referred to for most personnel issues and takes precedence if anything in this policy is contradictory. Library employees qualify for all applicable city benefits, including insurance coverage, paid vacation, sick and holiday leave, and retirement. Although the Library Board governs all other aspects of library operation, the City Administrator shall have supervisory authority over all employees of the library, including the Library Director.

Library Board

Library Board members are selected by the Mayor of the City of Pierce, with input of the Library Director, and approved by the Pierce City Council.

The Library Board operates under the approved Bylaw of the group and in accordance with all applicable laws.

The Library Board shall achieve and maintain certification overseen by the Nebraska Library Commission.

a. The library encourages all board members to attend appropriate professional meeting, conferences, and conventions.
b. Board members must, as a group, participate in 20 hours of approved continuing education events over a three year period to maintain their state certification.
c. As per City policy, library funds may be available for travel, registration and other allowed expenses for board members who attend approved library meetings, conferences or conventions.

The Library Board members may also be members of the Nebraska Library Association, with dues paid from the library’s budget when funds are available.

Library Staff

Library Director
The City Administrator, working closely with the Library Board, advertises for, interviews, and recommends to the Mayor and City Council the best candidate(s) for the Library Director position. In order to maintain state library accreditation, every effort should be made to hire a state certified or certifiable person.

Official evaluation of the Library Director is the responsibility of the city Administrator, who supervised the performance management target system for all City department heads, though the Library Board may choose to conduct informal evaluations from time to time.

Other Library Staff
The Library Director, working closely with the City Administrator, advertises for, interviews, and recommends to the City Administrator and Mayor the best candidate(s) for the library employment. In order to maintain state library accreditation, the Assistant Librarian(s) must try to work to become state certified.

Evaluation of the library staff is the responsibility of the Library Director, who oversees the performance management target system currently used by all city departments.

The cleaning personnel for the library works under the supervision of and is evaluated by the Library Director.

Job Descriptions
Job descriptions outlining accountability, essential and additional duties and responsibilities, skills and abilities, and experience and education are available for each library position.

To keep them current and relevant, job descriptions should be reviewed annually by the appropriate staff members and the Library Director.

Work Schedules
Because the Library is open daytime, evening and weekend hours, most staff members are required to work alternating nights and weekends.

Staff schedules are generally created monthly. Every effort is made to accommodate staff requests, but ultimately the schedule is determined by the Library Director. Changes in the schedule need to have a 24 hour notice to the Director; unless it is an emergency.

If a staff member requires time off it is the responsibility of that employee to find a replacement; not the Director.

Requests for vacation time may be considered on a first come-first served basis and may not be granted when too many employees are scheduled to be gone, or during a busy time of the year; especially during the Summer Reading Program.

Staff Development

Professional Events
Library staff members who are state certified must participate in approved continuing education events to maintain their certification. This currently requires that 45 hours of continuing education be earned every three years.

The library encourages the attendance of all staff at professional meetings, conference, and conventions.

As per City policy, library funds may be available for travel, registration and other allowed expenses for staff approved library meetings, conferences and/or conventions.

The library shall cover the cost of dues to the Nebraska Library Association and the American Library Association for full-time library employees.

The Library Director may join regional and national professional associations with dues paid from the library budget.

Staff Meetings
Regular staff meetings are held once or twice each month or as needed.

Library employees are encouraged, but not required, to attend staff meetings. All employees are compensated for time spent at staff meetings.