Weeding Library Materials

The professional staff will systematically weed worn, dated, or damaged library materials as an integral part of the selection process.  The process helps maintain the quality of the library collections and is not intended to sanction removal of library materials based upon any controversy surrounding the material.  Staff, during this process, should consider the selection principles stated in this Policy.  Weeded materials are disposed of according to the contract the Library and the City have with the Friends of the Pierce Public Library.

When removing an item from the collection, the following are considered:

  • How long has the material remained in the library without being used?
  • Is the information found therein incorrect or misleading because of new information or discoveries?
  • Does the Library own more recent and more accurate material on the same subject?
  • Is there an historical significance that may make the materials valuable at present or in the future?
  • Is the work a standard in its particular field?
  • What is the general condition of the material?