Exhibit Goals

  • to broaden horizons by presenting a wide range of arts, collections and displays;
  • to support community cultural and artistic activities;
  • to nourish intellectual, aesthetic and creative growth;
  • to encourage individuals who may be contributing to the increase of knowledge or extension of the arts;
  • to reach non-traditional library patrons.

Criteria for Selection

All exhibits, whether generated by library staff or the public, will be considered in terms of the standards listed below. Not all exhibits will meet all standards. Responsibility for the selection of exhibits rests with the Library Director and Board.

Criteria include:

  • subject, technique and style are suitable for intended audience;
  • vitality and originality;
  • artistic expression and experimentation;
  • appropriateness to special events, anniversaries, holidays, etc.;
  • historical or regional relevance;
  • relation to other events or exhibits in the community;
  • ease of installation;
  • representation of an influential movement, genre, trend or national culture;
  • significance of the contributor;
  • attention of critics, viewers and public.

Apply for Exhibit Space

Exhibits are scheduled by the Director. Space is booked months in advance. Individual exhibitors are limited to a single, one-month exhibit every year; charitable and educational groups may schedule exhibits more often than once a year, provided there is space available.

The Library does not insure exhibits. All reasonable precautions will be taken to protect exhibits, but the Library cannot be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged materials.

Potential exhibitors must first complete this form and sign the release prior to installation. Teachers may sign releases for displays of student artwork.